Compass Rose 50 Evo'

More than 40 years of passion for sea, stories of people and caring craftsmen who are able to provide the most refined and sophisticated customization, practically as a dress sewn on you.
Only for those Shipowner who truly loves to live on his boat as well as going to sea with character.
Compass Rose teaches us that any direction, origin or character of the wind, the important thing is to be caressed without being dominated.
So is Compass Rose EVO. A yacht with a fly that allows you to tackle the cruise more long and fascinating. The water lines streamlined, as well as the design and reflections in the lower decks give tricks of natural light thanks also to the wide windows are the results of technological research of the experience and the love of Raffaelli Yacht that has precisely in the Compass Rose its signature of excellence.


Length Over all / Lunghezza (LOA) 15,35 [m] – 50 ft 36 in
Hull Lenght / Lunghezza scafo (LH) 14,99 [m] – 49 ft 18 in
Waterline length / Lunghezza al galleggiamento (LWL) 12,90 [m] – 42 ft 32 in
Max Beam / Larghezza massima 4,34 [m] – 14 ft 24 in
Draft / Immersione 1,20 [m] – 3 ft 93 in
Unladen displacement / Peso a secco 15.800 [kg] – 34,832 [lbs]
Laden displacement / Peso a pieno carico 17.500 [kg] – 38,580 [lbs]
Fuel capacity / Serbatoio carburante 1.720 [l] – 390 [US gal]
Water capacity / Serbatoio acqua 500[l] – 113 [US gal]
People on board / Persone imbarcabili 12
Engines / Motorizzazione Caterpillar 2x510 hp std
Cummins 2x55o hp opz
Volvo IPS 2x700 hp opz
Transmission / Trasmissioni Shaft line
Max speed / Velocità massima 32 [kn]
Cruise speed / Velocità di crociera 28 [kn]
Range / Autonomia 300
Cabins / Cabine 3
Crew cabins / Cabine equipaggio 1
Bathrooms / Bagni 2
Bathrooms in crew quarter / Bagni zona equipaggio 1
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