The Bayamo is a unit called pleasure craft, with two higher values, which does not exist on the world market. This unity, with our pride, we can define it as a boat ... "for those at sea who love the pleasures of life" ..


The unit is equipped with a plan for all people with walking and motor skills, people with disabilities who are forced by fate to sit on a wheelchair.
All the architectural barriers of the building were demolished during the design phase. The unit is equipped with a lift that can accommodate 4 people, adapted to the use of the person and his assistant.
All movements of pneumatic service boats, jet skis, can be handled by one person. An electro-hydraulic system has also been designed to allow the disabled person to be put to sea. Finally, a central ship environment called an aseptic operating room has been studied.
The project was born with the possibility to transform the unit in a hibrid way in order to be able to sail even in the seas where the navigation is prohibited because of the pollution.
Use of advanced electronic system technology and batteries.

The project was studied by the engineer and the architect with the possibility of modulating widths and lengths from 30 to 45 meters.

The unit is made of aluminum and carbon.
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