Which is the most important memory in your history?

The most vivid memory is surely the transition from the “Compass Rose” structure, entirely made by wood, to the fiberglass of Regal 35. I could see the uncertainty on my father’s face towards the new technology

Which is the best moment during the experience in your company?

It’s very easy, it is repeated every time we give a boat to the ship owner. He touches his dream and gives credit to our work, made by passion and feelings, it’s not only a management approach

How much is the tradition of your company influent?

It is well defined. Since seventy years Raffaelli’s name is known in every sea of the world. Few and well done boats, we love to be considered craftsmen who greet the client as his second family

Which is the added value in your company?

Our company is one of the few in our field to believe strongly in the Made in Italy value, a quality which need to be safeguarded!

Few words to describe your life as a manager

I feel like a “gladiator”, like every person who every morning opens the doors of his own company. I make a lot of efforts, but thanks to the satisfactions it’s really worth it.

Which is the ideal boat?

The boat I would like to create in the next future is well defined in my mind. I’d not add more…

Open or Fly?

It depends only on the needs and the passion of the shipowner who has to choose the type of boat he wants. Every sea and sailing lover appreciates all kind of boats, sizes are not important. Although they’ll choose which one satisfy themselves more.

An advice for a new ship owner?

Respect the sea and the sea will respect you. Safety first of all!

What’s the meaning for “going to sea”?

It is a passion that could become dependence. It enchant you and the relationship become indissoluble when you try a small cruise or a simple day off on your boat

Which is the future “ideal” size for boating?

Now sizes are much more normal than before, let’s say between 10 and 20 meters. Well equipped boats perfect to make recreational boating. For pleasure boaters it’s enough to swim at midnight or to drink good wine while they’re docked. The secret is to feel “yours” the boat, which becomes a mix of emotions