We’re pleased to announce that Philippe PHAN VAN HO has been appointed as our new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He will take up his post in June 2019. Below a message from the CEO to You!

Dear clients,
I am a boat enthusiast since I was 6 years old and, like many of us, in love with Raffaelli boats.
The meeting with Giampiero Raffaelli, son of the founder of the brand Raffaelli Yacht, was indicative of my desire to pursue my childhood dream. I will complete my professional career in financial engineering and investment to get into an activity where I will put my professionalism and creativity at the service of emotion.
Giampiero Raffaelli wants to change the direction of his company, and he asked for my help to devote almost all of his time to the creation and production of boats and I thank him very much for his trust.
I will therefore, as Chief Executive Officer, continue the entrepreneurial venture, led for more than 60 years by the Raffaelli family, to bring an essential renewal while remaining faithful to the essential values ​​of quality, technical innovation , beauty and respect for deadlines that have always made our reputation.
You will remain at the heart of our concerns, and much more: you will be our guide, our mood and our inspiration. Your tastes will be ours as difficult as they are. Your choices will be the source of our ranges and models. And, we will bring you the fruit of the latest technical innovations as well as the appearance of new materials.
We will remain constantly listening to you, dear customers, and seek your help to always satisfy your desires. We have completely redone our presentation of boat models on our website as you can see by browsing our site.
Our new models will be renewed thanks to new investments. Their new performances will make you discover new sources of pleasure and better guarantees of safety, longevity and robustness. To better serve you, we will deploy a local commercial network, more active internationally.
Finally, our technical and commercial teams will bring you satisfaction by their permanent availability and their professionalism, all qualities that make the reputation of our brand.
Our new Raffaelli boats will remain a beautiful reference that will make our pride legitimate.
With Giampiero Raffaelli, we will give a new dimension to the company, a new motivation to its design and production teams as well as new products reflecting our century.
I thank you for your trust and your loyalty.
Very respectfully.
Philippe PHAN VAN HO
Engineering and Mathematics, Ecole Centrale Paris
Chief Executive Officer